Welcome to Optosun technology Limited

Welcome to Optosun Technology

A few words about the state of the Fiber Optic Components Industry ...
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We have seen many positive changes in the industry recently and after many setbacks to some of the Worlds key economic regions, there is now strong evidence to suggest that Entrepreneurial activity appears to be recovering.

There is now a significant rise in the number of new businesses being created across many OECD countries 
and this is set to continue. There is also a growing demand to increase safety and security, to protect people and privacy. 

The corresponding increase in the use of new technology and the additional data requirements has resulted in estimates for the World's Passive Optical Component market to reach around $46 Billion by 2022. This represents a huge growth rate of around 18% a year over the next 6 years. The Asian pacific region leads the table, closely followed by North America and Europe. 

This growth is due to a result in demand for enhanced technologies in various sectors, including:

Internet traffic in business - FTTP and in the home - FTTH with high speed fiber connections routinely being installed in many new house building schemes;

Enhanced Cloud services and computing, resulting in increased capacities in data center networks;

The increased Smart phone data usage across the growing number of mobile phone networks;

The result of older fiber systems and network infrastructure generally, still thought of as modern, being replaced to give higher broadband speeds and bandwidth to cope with our growing hunger for data processing.

There is also an increase of the usage of Optical components in Industry, especially for high power products, plus Medical, Aerospace, Security and Military applications.

Last and possibly surpassing all in 2018, will be the huge growth of Gigabit Passive optical Networks (GPON), namely NG-PON 1 at 10Gb and NG-PON 2 at 40Gb, using TWDM technology. In fact Verizon, reportedly will skip NG-PON 1 and migrate directly to NG-PON 2

The various products and modules covered in this market estimate, include many optical components typically produced by Optosun Technology.  We are in place to fully support our customers within the various industries mentioned, whether this be with our standard range of optical products or customised.

As a leading designer and manufacturer, our products fully meet Telcordia requirements, including: Optical splitters, Couplers, Isolators, Circulators, Collimators, Hybrid devices, High power components, 2000nM products, WDM/DWDM/WDDM, Mini compact CWDM, Switches, PM components, Faraday Mirrors, Optical Gas Cells, Fiber optic cables and Pigtails, plus a wide range of Adapters and Connectors.

Over the years, Optosun have introduced advanced and cost-effective passive Fiber optic components in to various wide ranging applications, including:

LAN and Data networks, CATV Networks, Lasers, Fiber Sensors, Metro and transport systems, Fibre Amplifiers, Networks, Laboratory and test equipment, Protection Switching, Monitoring, and Wavelength Provisioning. Our standard and custom components provide key technological solutions for our customers. 

Global Support: Our products are used in applications all over the world. Our factory and sales locations in China, Hong Kong, UK and USA are well placed to handle your Optical component business solutions.

Quality: Our main factory is our ISO 9001-certified facility in Shenzhen, China. We implement strict quality control management systems, covering every key process from product design, manufacturing, and marketing and continue this through to highly efficient customer service. 

Because we have complete control of all our design and manufacturing processes, we are able to ensure the absolute quality of our products.

Optosun staff receive regular high quality training for their respective disciplines.

Our goal is for Cost effective manufacturing, high quality products and the highest possible customer service.

Please contact us today with your enquiry details or any other question that we may be able to help with.

We welcome your comments and suggestions ...




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