Passive Optical components & devices used within Fiber Optic Products & Equipment

Fiber Optic Technology is essential for functionality in todays demanding products, platforms and infrastructure, across various industries and applications. Optosun have one of the widest ranges of Passive Optical components and devices, each one offering many options and variations.


10G-PON is an abbreviation for 10 Gbps Passive Optical Network. This protocol is a computer networking standard for data links that was introduced back in 2010. It is capable of delivering shared Internet access rates of up to 10 Gbit/s over existing dark fiber.

This generation of gigabit passive optical network technology solution followed the GPON (ITU-T G. 984) network and also the Ethernet passive optical network, known as EPON (IEEE 802.3ah). 10G-PN offers much higher bandwidth and also some additional features.