optical gas cell

Optosun produce Inline Optical Gas cells with various options, including, 

wavelengths- 1550 or 1650nM, various fiber lengths with bare fiber or loose tube. 
Connectors can be fitted as follows: FC/UPC FC/APC SC/APC  SC/UPC LC/PC

We can also customise the number of holes, the hole sizes and positions.

Our Gas Cells are used in various applications including: 
Tunable laser calibration, Optical calibration, Medical equipment, Sensing, chemical detection, and various wavelength and instrumentation uses. 

This device is the 1650nM wavelength version, the In Line Optical Fiber Gas Cell (IFGC) 1550 nm is available here


Parameters Unit Parameter
Operating Wavelength range nm 1650±15
Max. Insertion Loss @1650nm dB 0.6
Max. Polarization Dependent loss @ 1650 nm 23 dB 0.05
Min. Optical Return Loss dB 55
Max. Optical Power(CW)  mW 500
Max. Tensile Load  N 5
Fiber Type  SMF-28e
Gas cell hole Diameter mm 0.8+/-0.1
Gas cell length mm 15~25
Operating Temperature  -5 to +70
Storage Temperature  -40 to +85
Package dimensions mm Ф5.5x50(P1)

*Above specifications are for devices without the connectors.

Package Dimensions

Ordering Information

IFGC Wavelength 000 package Fiber Pigtail Length Connector Customer
1650=1650nm 000 1=P1(5.5*50mm) 1=250um bare fiber H=0.5m 0=None =xxxx
2=900um loose tube 8=0.8m 1=FC/UPC
3=3mm Cable 1=1.0m 2=FC/APC
5=1.5m 3=SC/APC
F=5m 4=SC/UPC